Our video crew is responsible for all promotional material, show content, recording and editing of all events run by 4D Productions. Utilizing the newest hardware from Blackmagic Design, a leader in Ultra HD video hardware, we are able to incorporate real life effects in all of our events. Our post show operation revolves around a robust network of iMac's and MacBook Pro's that utilize the power of Adobe CS6. Visual effects help add an extra dimension to our shows that help contribute to our other 3 crews.




Eddie Hickey - Video Manager (2008-2012)

Dan Quackenbush - Video Manager (2010-2013)

Collin Hotchkiss - Video Consultant (2009-2013)

Violet Young - Assistant Manager (2011-2016)

Emily Locastro - Videographer (2012-2016)

Carmen Emmi - Video Manager (2011-2016)