Using some of the best Clear-Com Systems in wireless stage communication technology, 4D Productions Backstage Crew is able to put on some of best performances around. Teamwork is key in synchronizing the complex and fast pace changes that our shows require. Our students are able to gain great skills in organization, time management and leadership on this crew are will go on to apply what they learn.  Operating 31 batten lines takes hard work and training.  Our backstage crew must pass a rigging certification exam in order to work our rigging lines.  




Leah Kadlecik - Stage Manager (2003-2007)

Jessica Warne - Asst. Stage Manager (2006-2009)

Jamie Alberici - Stage Manager (2009-2011)

Michelle Catalfamo - Asst. Stage Manager (2009-2011)

Breanna Savage - Stage Manager (2009-2013)

Katie Richer - Stage Hand (2011-2015)

Jennifer LaFave - Asst. Stage Manager (2011-2015)

Tiffanie Lane - Stage Manager (2012-2016)

Jasmine Weiskopff - Stage Manager (2013-2017)

Ryan McEntee - Stage Manager (2017-2018)