Our video crew is responsible for all promotional material, show content, recording and editing of all events run by 4D Productions. Utilizing the newest hardware from Blackmagic Design, a leader in Ultra HD video hardware, we are able to incorporate real life effects in all of our events. Our post show operation revolves around a robust network of iMac's and MacBook Pro's that utilize the power of Adobe Creative Cloud. Visual effects help add an extra dimension to our shows that help contribute to our other 3 crews.




Eddie Hickey - Video Manager (2008-2012)

Dan Quackenbush - Video Manager (2010-2013)

Collin Hotchkiss - Video Consultant (2009-2013)

Violet Young - Assistant Manager (2011-2016)

Emily Locastro - Videographer (2012-2016)

Carmen Emmi - Video Manager (2011-2016)

Sara Boileau - Advisor (2007-2018)