Lighting is the quarter of the crew that adds a whole new dimension to each performance. Our students take an act that may be a band, dancer, or singer and add much more than what meets the eye. Each show is precisely planned out months before set construction begins. Our lighting crew starts by designing a fixture plot, a 3 dimensional drawing of our auditorium. From there we place every lighting fixture we have in the proper location based on the fixture's features. After the entire plot is complete and planned out they take weeks to place each fixture in its place on the plot and wire the fixture, adding DMX and power so the fixture can be controlled by our High End Systems Hog 4 Console. At this point in the process most of the lighting crews charts, like a patch chart and power chart, are filled out completely and then the lighting programmer for that show begins their work. 

Our lighting programmers for each show will sit down for hours taking all of the fixtures that are now fully operable and creating that aspect of the show that most people wouldn't normally see. The programmer or designer has to start by making sure the act is lit properly so that the person or people on stage look 3 dimensional. Back, top, and side light are added by our conventional fixtures in order to get the effect. Our designers will bring in intelligent fixtures to give the act more than just light. Using each fixture the designers have the capability of setting the tone for the performance based on which color, temperature, intensity, speed, and movement the designer can really bring the act to life.




Carmen Bovalino - Lighting Manager (2006-2009)

Matthew Catalfamo - Lighting Manager (2009-2012)

Zach Wilkie - Lighting Consultant (2007-2011)

Vincent Scipione - Lighting Consultant (2008-2011)

Austin Wagner - Lighting Manager (2012-2015)

Josh Vickery - Lighting Specialist  (2011-2016)

Tayler Durantini - Lighting Manager (2016-2018)